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            Adoption Procedures
  Home   We only adopt within approximately 100 miles of Chicago and require fenced yards (no electric fences,  split rail or chicken wire).  Partial or broken fences are not acceptable.
Potential adopters will be asked to complete an adoption
questionnaire to give us an idea of the family's lifestyle and
home environment.  Our goal is to find a home that will best
suit the needs of each particular dog, taking into 
  About Us  consideration the type of  family, home, children, and pets
they will be living with.  Because we try to match each dog
with the adoptive home, photographs or descriptions of 

shelties awaiting adoption are not available on our web site.

We hope you understand, but in the best interest of the dog, 
  What is a Sheltie?  we must have a signed application and check references
before we will discuss the shelties we have available for 

adoption that we feel would best fit into your home and 

family situation.
  Adoption Procedures  Once your family decides which of our shelties you want 

to meet, our foster homes contact you to tell you a little 

more about the dog and how it has behaved in their home.  

You will then make an appointment with them to take your

entire family (and current dogs) to spend some time 

  Upcoming Events meeting  the dog in a comfortable environment.   
Note:  You will not be able to take a dog home with you.
After your meeting with the rescue dogs we ask that your
family go home and discuss the dog(s) you have met.  We 
  Gift Shop     appreciate your decision within 48 hours of the meeting.
Once you have decided to adopt one of the dogs you've 
met, a representative of Secondhand Shelties will contact 
you to set up a day and time to bring the dog to your home
  How You Can Help for the adoption. We ask that husbands/wives are both
present for the adoption.  At that time you will be required
to sign an adoption contract  and submit an adoption fee. 
The sheltie is then placed with you for a 30 day "approval"
  Shelter/Rescue Links  period.  If, due to unforeseeable circumstances it does not 
work out, the dog must be returned to us and we will refund
your adoption fee.  By no means is this time allotted for 
you to "try out" a dog. We do reserve the right to refuse any 
application or adoption or demand the  return of the dog to rescue if we feel its in the best interest of the dog..



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